Imagine leaving the aircon running when you're out all day or having it on with doors open. 

These are some of the situations we want to avoid during your stay. Of course, we want you to enjoy your holiday and we want you to feel comfortable in this beautiful home. But we also want to avoid abuses. Remember that electricity in Spain is one the most expensive in Europe. 

What do we consider abuse?

As said, leaving the aircon running all day or all night, leaving ac on when you're not inside; having doors and windows open while aicon is running; setting the temperature on impossible to reach temperatures like 18°C when outside you have 30°C; leaving lights on all the time, leaving the bathroom heater on all time, etc. 

How can you avoid being charged extra?

Turn off all the lights when you leave the room or the house and also during the night turn off the lights in the pool and garden if possible. When using the aircon keep the doors and windows shut. If you are entering and exiting all the time, better have the aircon off. Use the aircon when you know you'll stay inside a longer period. The machines consume more when you start/stop them so it's better once started to use it. 

Set up the correct temperatures.

During summer set up the aircon on Cooling at 24°C. Any degree lower will just increase electricity usage without cooling faster. During winter set up the aircon on Heating at 21°C. 

During the summer, open all windows at night to cool and ventilate the house and close them during the day to prevent the hot air from entering the house. 

Close the blinds or curtains when possible. 

We always include a reasonable and responsible consumption of electricity, please see the included amounts below.

Property type


Extra charge kw/h cost

Apartments/Villas up to 2 bedrooms60€/week0.25€/kwh
Apartments/Villas up to 3 bedrooms80€/week0.25€/kwh
Apartments/Villas up to 4 bedrooms100€/week0.25€/kwh
Apartments/Villas up to 5 bedrooms130€/week0.25€/kwh
Apartments/Villas up to 6 bedrooms160€/week0.25€/kwh
Apartments/Villas up to 7 bedrooms200€/week0.25€/kwh

Please check that the lights are off. 

Make sure you also check the lights outside the house (terrace, garden, pool). In villas, turn off the light in the pool and garden at night when you go to bed. 

Some properties have heating systems in the bathrooms. Please use them only if needed and switch them off once you leave the bathroom.