We will provide you with an accurate map of the area and the exact location of our property. Please don't forget to download the area via application to use the Google Maps offline. (check Guest portal section Check-in Info).

You will be expected for 15 mins at the agreed hour at the meeting point marked on the map, in most cases right in front of your holiday home. 

Please do your best to be in time for the agreed check-in hour and notify us by phone or email of any uncontrolled delays (ex flight delays) as they occur, so we can reschedule your check-in hour without any fees. Keep in mind that delays, especially unannounced, can result in the rescheduling of your check-in hour with additional fees (50€) 

If you experience car rental delays we recommend (if possible) to order a taxi for a part of your group so that we can still make the check-in on time.

I hope this was helpful.