The safety of our guests is one of our major concerns. This is why we try to provide you with some hints in order to enhance the wellbeing of you and your family during your trip. Each of our properties is extra safe, however you have to keep in mind that when you travel abroad, the local standards and regulations may differ from those that you are accustomed with.    

When you travel on Costa del Sol the main attraction is surely the sea shore. You will remember the beach days, the laying on the sun beds and the experience of swimming in the sea, so you should fully enjoy this part of your trip. That's why we recommend that when you spend a lot of time in the beautiful Mediterranean climate make sure to wear a sunhat or a sun cap and use high protection sun creams to avoid sunburn. 

The safest beaches can be dangerous when the weather conditions are not proper. In order to avoid any danger please make sure you scope out the signage on the beach and pay attention to warning flags. If you are not certain what the flag colors mean please inquire at the local lifeguards. However, never go swimming when the flags are red. Also avoid areas that are zoned off for sea sports. You have to be extra careful with children: don't let them unsupervised even in shallow waters, you have to be aware of tides and currents. Don't allow children to rely on pool floats or inflatables in open water, they may be very handy in the pool but not in the sea. 

Children are not to be let unsupervised, especially around unfenced areas, swimming pools, balconies, balustrades. Usually swimming pools have shallow ends, but you have to be sure that children don't take any hazardous actions. All our properties are placed on secured areas with surveillance cameras, yet you have to be aware that children have the predilection to explore without caring about safety and you want to minimize the unpleasant events, especially during your holiday. 

All our properties are provided with fire extinguishers. Please make sure you know their location. However, in case of fire, please do not take unnecessary risks, leave the property right away and announce your local contact immediately. Smoking is not allowed on our properties. 

Please don't try to fix anything by yourself. If you notice anything broken or hazardous on your property, please announce your local contact. 

When you leave the property please don't carry large amounts of cash. You can use your card in any location (stores, restaurants, supermarkets) so you don't need to worry about how to pay for services. 

When you travel abroad you have to be insured and have your European Health Insurance Card ( for UE countries ) that covers for free or reduced-cost urgent medical treatment. All hospitals in Andalucia have medical treatment in case of an emergency. By visiting Spain you have the certainty of the best healthcare standards in Europe and worldwide. 

As a conclusion, we would like to remind you that even when you travel you have to take all the care and caution that you would take at home. We will do everything that is in our power to make you stay both safe and content during your holiday.